Friday, 24 March 2017

The Bookshop Detective - Jan Ellis

The Bookshop Detective (The Bookshop by the Sea) by [Ellis, Jan]


The Bookshop Detective – in which Eleanor ends up doing some sleuthing from her quiet corner of rural England.

I first met Eleanor the owner of the Combemouth bookshop in Jan's book A Summer of Surprises and I was keen to find out what she was now up to. Although this book is a follow on you could easily read it without having any prior knowledge of Eleanor.

I read so many books and so it was no surprise that I didn't immediately remember everything about Eleanor and Combemouth, until Freya turned up - the ex-wife. I think Jan must have painted a very good picture of her, because I was instantly transported to the first book and how I saw her in my minds eye.

I loved getting back into the bookshop - my idea of heaven and it's beside the sea - idyllic. What I do like about Jan's writing is that she doesn't make Eleanor someone who knows everyone in the village, even though she has lived there for a few years. Why do some books make it sound like living in a village is one big family? So this is where the detective part comes in as Eleanor pieces together a story from an old newspaper with clues around the village.

I really got into this book, and was pleased I half guessed what was happening! - but not the biggest secret at all.

I'm giving this lovely book 5 out of 5. My thanks to Jan for an advance copy for review.

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