Sunday, 29 March 2020

The Bus Ride - Joanie Chevalier

The Bus Ride: A Zany Busnapping Adventure by [Chevalier, Joanie]


When Devon discovers his car stolen, he must find transportation to get to his destination before the deadline to get what’s rightfully his: the urn containing one-fifth of his deceased momma. He hops on Bus No. 255 and changes the course of the route. As the passengers’ personalities and needs emerge, they go from being strangers to a bonded family within hours as they fight for each other, and themselves… in more ways than one. Funny and sentimental, this story will grab your heart as you cheer everyone on Bus Route No. 255, maybe even the busnapper.

Meet the passengers on Bus No. 255, an unlikely group of people who have no choice but to try to get along and survive when their bus gets busnapped. Meet Devon, who has a deadline he must meet, or risk losing what’s his; Doug, a dreamer of a better life, but first must face a sad truth; Frankie, a life full of loneliness, but unexpectedly becomes a hero; Gloria, a woman who finds validation in the most unexpected place; Autumn, a girl who desires a family, and a sense of belonging; Dave, a man seeking justice and equality, learns to love himself as he is; and the Garcia family, whose family ties brings them to the brink of danger. Follow these passengers as they each fulfill their destinies, together.


I actually won the copy of this book from the author. 
Reading the blurb on this one I wasn't sure what to expect. At 128 pages I dived in and devoured the story in one sitting. At times it had me laughing out loud and at others a little crestfallen for what would become of the characters.

There is a great action scene, when really all the bus comes together and I guess Devon got lucky with the passengers on this bus! It made for a funny different read and at times became a farce, but it certainly keeps your interest.

A nice lighthearted read with a heartwarming message.

Saturday, 28 March 2020

The Little Dreams of Lara Cliffe - Milly Johnson

The Little Dreams of Lara Cliffe: Quick Reads 2020 by [Johnson, Milly]


It only takes one small step to change your life!
Lara Cliffe and her three friends are off on a mini break for her hen party.  It’s three weeks before her wedding to ’Steady Freddie’, one of the kindest men on the planet.  But something is worrying Lara. Her friends say it’s wedding jitters, but she isn’t so sure.  Fifteen years ago the love of her life, Danny Belfont, walked out on her three weeks before their wedding and she has never been able to fully get him out of her heart.
Then, on the overnight ferry, Lara finds out that Danny is playing in the onboard band and he spots her in the crowd. Will she meet him the next night to talk?
As the wonderful city of Amsterdam works its magic on Lara, she tries to sort out her thoughts.  And if fate has brought Lara and Danny back together … is it really for love or for something quite different? 


If you are struggling to read at the moment then this book from Milly is an ideal light read. It's from the Quick Reads series of books which come from a range of authors. Only 99 pages and a £1.

The story centres around Lara who is on her hen party in Amsterdam. On the way there she sees the man who jilted her before her wedding to him several years ago. Will she decide she wants to give him a second change and in turn jilt her intended?

I've heard Milly speak in person, she's so entertaining.  At the moment she is doing a Facebook live from her bookclub page on a Monday evening at 7.30pm, she chats and also reads from her books. A lovely thing to do in the present climate.You can also play the live from this last week if you missed it.

Friday, 27 March 2020

The Liberty Girls - Fiona Ford

The Liberty Girls (Liberty Girls 2) by [Ford, Fiona]


March, 1942: new mother Alice Milwood is itching to return to her job as a shop assistant at Liberty’s.
Despite her husband still being missing in action, Alice is determined to give baby Arthur the best possible start. She soon settles back into the rhythm of life on the shop floor, and the Liberty Girls rally to help keep everything on an even keel.
But when the American GIs start swarming into London, there are more complications to come. And each of the Liberty Girls has their own impossible storm to weather.
As they each fight their battles on the home front, only their close friendship will give them the strength they need to carry on.


This is the second book in the series, but can easily be read as a standalone. I did enjoy the book but not quite as much as the first one. Because the war is now on and the Liberty store is feeling the pinch so not so much happening in store. The fabric department has to push utility fabric and the fabulous prints have to take a back seat.

The social history side is just as strong in this book and it was a little strange to the modern reader to hear some of the things being said, but of course it would have been the norm for the time. Also there is more of the East End goings on and this book focuses more on Alice as the first book was focussed on Mary.

Lots of changes happen at Liberty's in this book and not all of them good ones. I did find myself giving a cheer towards the end of the book when justice won through.  A nice positive story overall with a lovely ending.

From my personal bookshelf. I'm giving this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Monday, 23 March 2020

How to Build a Boyfriend From Scratch -Sarah Archer


Thursday, 19 March 2020

Daisy on the Outer Line - Ross Sayers | Cover Reveal with #LoveBooksGroupTours


Life, Death and Time Travel on the Glasgow Subway...

When selfish student Daisy trashes her stepdad’s funeral, she gets blind drunk and wakes up on the Glasgow subway to find she has travelled back in time. To make amends for her behaviour, she must save a life—but she doesn’t know who, how, or where to begin. She’ll have to find out fast if she wants to make it back to her old life and avoid being trapped in
the wrong timeline forever.

This novel was awarded one of the first Scots Language Publication Grants funded by the Scottish Government and administered by the Scottish Book Trust.

Publication Date: 5th November 2020
Paperback 978-1-911279-77-8
eBook 978-1-911279-78-5

Ross Bio:

Ross Sayers grew up in Stirling and now lives in Edinburgh. He’s still finding his way around. His debut novel, Mary’s the Name was released in 2017 and was shortlisted for the Saltire First Book Award. He’s currently working on a sequel to one of his books... You can tweet him praise or abuse @Sayers33

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

In Five Years - Rebecca Serle


Monday, 16 March 2020

Mrs Boots - Deborah Carr


An incredible historical novel inspired by the true story behind the Boots empire.
Jersey 1885
On the beautiful island of Jersey, Florence Rowe lives a quiet life working in her father’s bookshop.  Life for the Rowe family is good, but Florence can’t help yearning for more…
When Jesse Boot, the successful owner of Boots the chemist, arrives on the island, Florence is immediately captivated by his tales of life in a busy, bustling city on the mainland.  For the first time ever, Florence imagines a life away from the constraints of Jersey society, of being someone more than just a shopgirl.
Until her parents reveal the shocking news they will refuse any marriage proposal from Mr Boot. Can Florence find a way to be with the man she loves and make a new life for herself?


I was eager to read this book as coming from Nottingham I have an interest in Boots and have been to some talks about its background. So, I was looking forward to this book to flesh out the story of Florence and Jesse.

I did find the book a little slow and the letters between Florence and Jesse sometimes repeating what we already knew had happened in the story. I was also eager to get to when Florence became Mrs Boots and began her wonderful work of which I know a little.

This is where I find the title misleading as this book only covers the period up to Florence becoming Mrs Boots - whilst a nice book and obviously a literary account and not historical as such, I feel this could have been background to the sequel book Mrs Boots of Pelham Street.

I did enjoy the social history aspects of the book and learning how young ladies had to behave at the time and also the setting of the Island of Jersey.

I'm giving this book 3 out of 5 stars. My thanks to netgalley for an ARC to review. The book is out on 27 March.