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The Cracked Mirror - Chris Brookmyre

   Description FORGET WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW THIS IS NOT  THAT  CRIME NOVEL You know Penny Coyne. The little old lady who has solved multiple murders in her otherwise sleepy village, despite bumbling local police. A razor-sharp mind in a twinset and tweed. You know Johnny Hawke. Hard-bitten LAPD homicide detective. Always in trouble with his captain, always losing partners, but always battling for the truth, whatever it takes. Against all the odds, against the  usual  story, their worlds are about to collide. It starts with a dead writer and a mysterious wedding invitation. It will end with a rabbit hole that goes so deep, Johnny and Penny might come to question not just whodunnit, but whether they want to know the answer. A cross-genre hybrid of Agatha Christie and Michael Connelly,  The Cracked Mirror  is the most imaginative and entertaining crime novel of the year, a genre-splicing rollercoaster with a poignantly emotional heart. Review This is my first read by this author, so I w
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This Motherless Land - Nikki May

  Description From the prize-winning author of WAHALA, a powerful de-colonial retelling of MANSFIELD PARK, exploring identity, culture, race and love 'A spirited exploration of culture and kinship'  BONNIE GARMUS 'Deeply emotional and entertaining'  EMMA STONEX, author of  The Lamplighters ' Tugs at the heartstrings'  DAMILARE KUKU, author of  Nearly all the Men in Lagos are Mad ' ______________ When  Funke’s  mother dies in an accident in Lagos, she’s sent to live with her maternal family in England. Against a backdrop of condescension and mild neglect, sensible Funke strives to fit in, determined to become one of them. Free-spirited  Liv  has always wanted to break free of her joyless family, to be nothing like them. Fiercely protective of Funke, she at last has an ally. The two cousins give each other what they need most:  love . But the past casts long shadows and the choices made by their mothers haunt them, shaping the trajectory of their adult lives. 

A Good Place to Hide a Body - Laura Marshall

  Description 'Can you come round?' Dad says tremulously. 'Of course. Are you OK? Is it Mum?' 'No!' He almost shouts it. 'Just come quickly. The garden...the...body... we  need  you, Penny.' For women of Penny's generation, being on hand for elderly parents is just part of life. But for Penny, things have become a little more serious... When she receives a frantic phone call from her parents one night, with express instructions NOT to call the police, Penny rushes over at once. But they haven't had a fall. They haven't forgotten their computer passwords. They've killed someone. And his body is lying in the garden, right next to the rose bushes. Everyone is capable of murder. They just need to meet the right person. Review A dark and in places amusing read. Penny thinks her elderly parents are a little needy and getting in the way of her life. However, this time when they ring she realises they really do need her.  The books begins with th

More Days at the Morisaki Bookshop - Satoshi Yagisawa

  Description In Tokyo, there is a neighbourhood with the highest number of bookstores in the world. It is called Jimbocho where book lovers can browse to their heart's delight and where hunters of first editions or autographed copies prowl the bookcases. The Morisaki bookshop, a small family-run shop, is so packed with books that barely five people can fit inside. Books crowd the shelves and invade every corner of the floor; when a customer arrives, the owner, Satoru, immediately pops out from behind the counter. Recently, his wife Momoko has joined him, and often, in her free time after work, their niece Takako also helps out. For the first time, the girl does not feel lonely; she has new friends and new rituals to keep her company: the annual Jimbocho festival, the café around the corner, or an unexpected visitor. Because, as she has discovered, a bookstore is populated not by the characters contained in the books, but also by those who frequent it. And those stories create bond

Our Holiday - Louise Candlish

  Description A gripping new summer thriller from the bestselling author of  Our House,  full of characters you'll love to hate and twists you'll never see coming! ‘A stylish, sun-soaked thriller…  Our Holiday  is destined to be THE summer read of 2024’  Janice Hallett ‘A sharp, brilliantly observed novel that had me gasping at every twist and turn’  Sarah Pearse ‘Smart, sharp and suspenseful with characters you won’t forget’  Adele Parks Charlotte and Perry long for summers at Cliff View, their gorgeous holiday home overlooking the turquoise waters of Pine Ridge. And now that city friends Amy and Linus have bought a property nearby, they plan lazy weeks of sun, sea and sipping rosé on Charlotte’s summerhouse veranda. But there’s trouble in paradise… A rising tide of resentment towards second-home owners is heading their way and small acts of criminal damage are escalating into something more menacing. By the end of the summer, families and friendships will be torn apart and Pi

How to Age Dis-gracefully - Clare Pooley

Description ' Uplifting, heartwarming and joyful. Restored my faith in humankind ' - Ruth Jones When age makes you invisible, secrets are easier to hide Daphne knows that age is just a number. She also knows that society no longer pays her any attention – something she’s happy to exploit to help her hide a somewhat chequered past. But finding herself alone on her 70th birthday, with only her plants to talk to and neighbours to stalk online, she decides she needs some friends. Joining a Senior Citizen's Social Club she’s horrified at the expectation she’ll spend her time enduring gentle crafting activities. Thankfully, the other members – including a failed actor addicted to shoplifting and a prolific yarn-bomber – agree. After a tragic accident, the local council threaten to close the club – but they have underestimated the wrong group of pensioners...and with the help of a teenage dad and a geriatric, orphaned dog, the incongruous gang set out to prove it. As long as their

No such thing as perfect - Emma Hughes

  Description 'I lost count of the number of times I laughed out loud, I was rooting for Laura from the first page. Tender, funny, smart and brilliantly observed. The perfect blend of uplifting escapism and social satire, an utter page turner and such a clever, perceptive moving one. I LOVED it!'  DAISY BUCHANAN No one's life is as perfect as it looks. Least of all Laura Morrison's. (Although she's not sure  how  perfect hanging onto your job by a thread and sleeping on an air mattress at your sister's looks, in all honesty.) When Laura gets the chance to trial Cupid - a high-tech new dating service which will draw on everything she's ever done online to find her perfect match - she figures it's got to be worth a try. She can't believe her luck when good-looking, kind considerate Adam turns up for their first date. On paper he's...well...perfect. But when Laura develops feelings for the person who led her to Adam in the first place, familiar doub