Friday, 18 March 2016

The Life-changing Magic of Tidying - Marie Kondo

Live in a clean and clutter-free home forever with the life-changing KonMari Method - now a multi-million copy international bestseller

This book is from my own personal book shelf. I wanted to read this book as I kept hearing about it. However, I have seen lots of TV programmes on clearing clutter and the mantra that you are paying to store things you don't need/use is a strong one with me - did I need this book?

So, after reading a number of reviews on Amazon I decided that I would purchase it and also the book format rather than the kindle edition. I find it so much easier to dip in and out of "real books" and also the simplicity of the book cover did make me want to own it!

I finished reading the book a few weeks ago and have put some of what is advised into practice. I then came down with a nasty bug - I'm not sure whether this is related as I was cleaning and clearing away the past maybe it was connected?

The book is also the personal journey of the author and at times I got a little irritates as I wanted to just get to the "how to do it" bit. One of the experiences she shares is when she got rid of other peoples clutter for them, without telling them and without their permission! I must admit to being taken aback by this admission and perhaps this is why she includes her journey so that we can learn from her mistakes.

One of the things from the book that I have done is the rolling of clothes, and I have to admit that it is now so much easier to see what I have and in fact uncover things I forgot that I had. Previous reviewers had mentioned that space in the UK is maybe not the same as that in Japan and I agree that the author advises keeping everything of the same kind in the same place - but this may not be practical due to storage space. I would advise that you look at the Youtube videos of how to fold, as the book alone will not explain exactly what she means.

I have always thought of myself as quite tidy and organised but admit that lately I do seem to have a lot of clutter just lying around. What I found out from this book is that there are three types of people and I am the one "who never puts things away" - I admit it! I do put things away, but my excuse is that a lot of what I leave out is because...well I am going to be using it again soon and it is a wasted effort to put it away only to get it out again! With me,  also out of sight is out of mind, particularly with my crafting items. So now, I am conscious of this and am putting things away when I have used them.

I do recommend this book - a lot of it is common sense - but then there is no standard for common sense so that is why you need the book. A lot of the things I already do and gave myself a pat on the back but unfortunately they were outweighed by a lot of things I don't do. I have a long way to go - the charity bags have been full as soon as they come through the door.

I'm giving this book four out of five stars. 

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