Tuesday, 31 March 2015

If We Lived Here - Lindsey J Palmer

Razor-sharp and thought-provoking, Lindsey J. Palmer’s incisive new novel both celebrates and skewers modern relationships and their milestones, offering a witty and wise look at what it takes to commit—to love, to a home, and to the life that’s right for you.
After three years of dating and trading nights at their respective New York City apartments, Emma Feit and Nick O’Hare are moving in together. Or they will be, as soon as they find the right place. For two happily-in-love professionals—Nick’s a teacher, Emma tutors college-bound teens—with good credit and stellar references, how hard can it be? As it turns out, very—in ways that are completely unexpected.
Suddenly Emma is filled with questions about cohabiting, about giving up her freedom—not to mention about who’s going to clean the toilet. And while her best friend plans a dream wedding to her wealthy fiancĂ©, and her older brother settles into suburban bliss, Emma must figure out what home means to her—and how on earth to get there.
I've really enjoyed this book; it’s a real life slice of American life. Sometimes I find American authors have Anglicised a book to appeal to those of us across the pond – however this book felt very American (in a good way). In fact some of the references you may not get it you don’t know a lot about American life. But don’t let that distract from what makes it a “true to life” read.

The hunt for an apartment was very insightful and I real felt for Emma and Nick as they encountered problem after problem, some housing related others personal. I felt the author really got to the underside of living in New York – rather than a “Friends” plasticised view of life.

We also got to see life in the NY suburbs and what happens when the lights literally go out.

I’ve been to New York, but this book made me feel like I’d lived there it was so realistic in the writing. There are so many different strands to this book, which were all brought together seamlessly by the author, making for an enjoyable and intelligent read. This is sooo much more than chick lit!
My thanks go to Netgalley and Kensington Publishing Corporation for allowing me to read an advance kindle copy of the book.

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